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•My Minnie Me• | thehappysite2

•My Minnie Me•
*~My MiNne mE~*---}@
This is me and my minne me!
I am proud to be this little girls mom! She has the biggest heart! And she is classie little girl!
Very intelligent, kind and funny!
She is my Best Friend who can cheer up anybodys rainy day.
Thats why its my duty to brighten her day!
Its amazing how much love this little girl can give.She is my heart.My world.
And to her i am The World´s Number 1 mom. I can tell by her love for me.
And to have someone so special think that your special too. Is the greatest thing the world.
27 टिप्पणियाँ:
Nice 2 c parents & kids bond! Beautiful ! Am frm Guyana !
Shhoo shweet pair u both make up. I love dis pic, i'd rather frame dis pic n hang on d walls of my home.......muah.
hi am flesh,am 4rm nigeria and u 4rm?snd ur reply to my site
hi minnie me/where do u country.i am from indonesia
Just beautiful,EXCELLENT and intelligent creation.I'd like to make mail contact with the author and cogratulate her over her pious feelings.
Am a dad and my lad has just been the biggest star ever it was his first wedding and he is two and a half and he is the best lookin lad and cleverest i know. And i know we all say that but i was proud to take him every where that day and enjoy not getting pissed myself but be proud and happy to be with him . It was fuckin ace. Kids are mad
Just 2 say u cudnt of said it better! Am a mum an i no the feelin. Ur little girl is so cute (guest12)
U must b a very special mum.Hope i can hv that same feeling when i become a mum someday=)
Hey take care of ur daughter i have a beautiful 1 of my own,take care im sia kiss ur baby for me
May you always be happy and even happier.Ghanish.

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